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parkiT Access Control + CARMEN® Parking System
  • parkiT Access Control + CARMEN® Parking System


    • Easy installation and configuration
    • Built-in synchronized IR illumination
    • Auto day & night switching
    • Barrier control functions (trigger in - out)
    • Wall mount bracket with hidden cabling
    • Lot of supported programming languages
    • Adaptive systems modify the image to ensure a clear view of the vehicle is captured regardless of the conditions


    CARMEN Automatic Number Plate Recognition System


    CARMEN Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology. It has been developed to offer an excellent solution for the growing need of Parking and Access Control management systems.

    Nowadays, parking lots are becoming an organic part of our everyday life. CARMEN Parking offers flexible, low maintenance, yet effective and intelligent technology for car park operation. It reduces costs as well as increasing efficiency and security.

    CARMEN Parking is a core technology rather than a complete application, as it was specially designed and developed to be easily integrated into complex parking and access control applications. As a flexible system it can be tailored to meet special customer requirements.

    The CARMEN Parking ANPR package contains the following elements:

    - Automatic number plate recognition engine

    - Neural Network Controller

    - Functions libraries

    - Demo and test applications

    - Tutorial and sample programs both in executable and source code

    Optionally provided device:

    - To achieve the highest possible recognition rate the image quality is a key factor. ARH provides professional quality cameras designed for license plate recognition! Different models are available to meet all the customer requirements!

    - To achieve the best image and avoid any incompatibility difficulties, CARMEN FreeFlow can be delivered with a proprietary video capture card which serves as a neural network controller too.

    After integrating Carmen Parking into parking management systems, controlled and automatic vehicle entry and exit in car parks or secure zones become possible. Furthermore, the ability to recognize registration number is a significant added value for comprehensive parking solutions or inventory management.

    A parking lot equipped with Carmen Parking can provide:

    - Flexible and automatic vehicle entry to and exit from a car park

    - Management information about car park usage

    - Improved security for both car park operators and car park users

    - Improved traffic flow during peak periods

    - Satisfied drivers

    Other possible applications include:

    - Vehicle recognition through date and time stamping as well as exact location

    - Comprehensive database of traffic movement can be managed


    Please download full specification: PARKIT ACCESS CONTROL CAMERA

    CARMEN Parking ANPR software

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